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What Visible Customer can do for you:

Immediately Increase the ability to communicate with 3 times the amount of customers you are today

Too often, dealers are overwhelmed or flying blind when it comes to developing a customer communication strategy that serves a dealer's needs as well their consumers. They are often only provided cookie cutter creative and predefined budgets that serve the needs of a vendor. There is little to no data or strategy behind lifecycle communications that cover ALL aspects of a dealership, not just OEM initiatives. Visible Customer provides dealers the insight necessary to make data driven marketing decisions and attribution reporting to evaluate effectiveness. The Visible Customer Automotive Engagement Platform leverages first-first party and empirical data to generate lifecycle and demand generation marketing campaigns. With the goal of driving measurable increases in sales, parts and service profitability delivered in an advanced ROI reporting stack.

Visible Customer is the leading automotive data on-boarder. We leverage first-party data, such as DMS and CRM Data Sources and empirical data, such as demographic, socialgraphic, and shopper intent, to create a clean, deduplicated and normalized on-boarded data set. To this, we append additional data points such as, Permission Pass Email, Phone and Address Appends, VIN Validations, Vehicle Valuation, Equity Scoring, Unknown Lease Data and more to generate lifecycle and demand generation marketing campaigns with our Automotive Engagement Platform. Via our (AEP) we are able to execute targeted, one-to-one campaigns utilizing an Omni-channel approach with dynamic creative. All this, combined with our advanced analytics suite and ROI reporting we create the first true marketing attribution stack.

  • Increased Customer Reach by 300%
  • High Deliverability at 95%+
  • increase car sales by at least a months’ worth of sales
  • service retention improvement as high as 16% with a detailed report that outlines an ROI of over 300%

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